spiders! (unofficial) [mp3, 6.7]

why unofficial? caveat emptor... feel free to dance.

this entire song is driven live from the qy70. there is a
great deal of crossover between tracks and synths on this
song. the qy70 provides all the drums and there is a lot
of realtime parameter editing. for example the drums are
pitched down by an octave at about 3:15. the qy70 also
provides a sin wave style bass... why sweat the analogue
when you want something that basic? the qy70 also provides
a bowed pad sound that can be bent like me. all of this is
mixed together via an onboard ampsim.

the qy70 is midi'd via a 1 to N splitter to both a korg
ms2000b and a novation bassstation. the ms2000b generates
a phased droning and via the mod sequence (a sophisticated
arp/parameter modeller) a burst of white noise is generated
that can be heard fading in and out. the fade was done live.

the basstation provides the 303'ness of the whole thing...
it preludes change overs, occasionally confuses and then
dances at the end. it is driven through a korg x911
analogue guitar synthesizer. distortion on max. this also
provides me with 2 resonant lpf controls for 1 synth.

finally the qy70 provides a xylophone sound... the sound of

it was recorded in one take after many, many trials,
realisations, confusion, problem solving etc. remixing would
be hell as it is just one long sample.

realtime control of this this song was MAJOR fun. i had to
control the VCF on the bassstation & x911. i had to control
the qy70 by switching patterns and muting accordingly. also
the white noise filter on the ms2000b AND the mixing desk to
bring in various instruments.

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