royal archway omnision z-bass paralysis [mp3, 4.5]

via the revolution of the the wax disk omnision sez...

ra z bass text.

The vocals form the spine of this track. I was inspired by several
dancehall mixes I was listening to at the time,  really getting
into the interplay between bass stabs and insistent vocal flow -
so I tried to capture that excitement in this remix. Its good to
mix entirely unrelated styles don't you think? The vox are sampled
and progressively timestretched/tremoloed and filtered into
incoherence, they're also mixed with a pitched down version of
the same audio. Singing chords! The bass drone and 'snares' are
lifted pretty much intact from the original, subjected to the usual
signal amping and then completely resequenced. Extra momentum was
given to the track by the addition of some QY chromatic percussion
(that I can't hear on the original) and a rather pleasing ringing
sound. This seems to be result of a GRM tools resonance filter
doing what is does best to a small fragment of preprocessed

The gnarly crunching sounds in the middle are what happens when
snares are seriously timestretched. I understand that this sound
is used regularly on the next Coldplay* longplayer.

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© burnttoys.

* evil...