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mucha lucha [mp3, 4.8] a homage to the 80's chip box bitmap disaster. it holds it's own with one foot set 20 years past the other somewhere approaching the heat death of the universe. hear me, mark me, learn me, throw the minds ear open. not a whisper escape us with all our spouting. transistor vs. transistor, sharp edged wave grind against its brother. soft round bass vibrate against its sister. the drums are all supplied from a yamaha qy70 with a tiny bit of post recorded editing (the kick drum crescendo) although this could have been sequenced on the qy70. the qy70 was midi'd to a korg ms2000b that provides the retro phased sound effects and spectrum warblings. there is also one enormous distorted note from a novation bassstation via a korg x911 guitar synth. the whole thing was recorded in sections with live knob adjustment on some then sequenced as phrase samples in cool edit pro. back to the front © burnttoys.